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Himladal | Seglora | Sweden

Week 1  Apr 28  - May 4 2024 | Zoom June 16 & Sept 15 2024

Week 2  Oct 27 - Nov 2 2024 | Zoom Jan 19 & March 16 2025 



Sound therapist

Himladal | Seglora

M1 31 okt - 3 nov 2024 | M2 6-9 mars 2025 | M3 15-18 maj 2025 

Utbildningen inkluderar även ett webbprogram & mentorstöd 


The training

Do you want to enter a world of beauty, harmony and inspiration? A world where, with the help of sounds, tones and vibrations, you get in touch with your deepest origin? It's about coming home, both for yourself but and for those you will touch with your beautiful heart and unique expression in Sacred Sound. Welcome!


I am very enthusiastic about now offering this unique training where old knowledge of Healing Sound is combined with modern science. Healing with sound is an ancient knowledge and sound therapy is the fastest growing field in traditional medicine and is of great interest in the research world. You can choose whether you want to join just for your own sake, or go all the way and get certified. 

The medicine of the future will be music and sound 

- Edgar Cayce

Many feel the need to go back to the primal and natural, to let the mind rest and instead let a deeper wisdom take its place. For this to happen, we need to re-attune ourselves to the slower pulse our earth and life itself vibrates in. We need to learn to miss down and listen so we can hear and strengthen our own unique tone and expression.  

During the training you will learn to travel to the place where the source of all sound is. From this deeply meditative place, you have the opportunity to retrieve tools that assist you in shifting frequency, healing emotionally and physically, and opening parts of the heart that you didn't know existed. 

You will reconnect and strengthen contact with the power and energy we find in the Nordic environment, with its magical nature, melancholic songs and changing seasons. If you have your roots here, or just a yearning here, this is an important part of coming home and strengthening your unique practice. As we are all children of the earth and the heart can be in different places, other traditions, songs and instruments are also important parts of the education to find your true expression. 

Who is the training for?

This training is for you who say YES to discovering a world within Sacred sound and become even more yourself!

You've probably been touched by the transformative potential of sound and know now is the time. Time to let go of limiting beliefs that have held you back, and thus become freer, bigger, more beautiful in your imprint on this world.

You are a Healer, Yogi, Meditator, Musician, Therapist, Teacher, Leader, Caregiver, Philosopher, or Singer and want to incorporate sound therapy into your practice, do this just for your healing and development, or create a whole new career.

...and dear friend, of course you don't need to consider yourself able to sing or have a musical background to be able to work sabout healing with sound - we go beyond our western concepts of music in this. All you need is a longing to be more into sacred and healing sounds and a genuine willingness to take courageous steps into a truer, more authentic being. 

Welcome to your golden path!




Utbildningen till certifierad SoundHealer & Ljudterapeut är på totalt 200h varav lärarledd tid är 100h samt 100h (ca 10 min/dag) för egna studier, integration och applicering i hemmiljön. Tiden är avsatt för att verkligen ge dig en stabil start för din nya verksamhet!

Utbildningen är en inre utvecklingsresa under ett år och följer energin i det shamanska medicinhjulet. Upplägget består av 5 utbildningsdelar/moduler inklusive mentorstöd mellan varje modul. Vid genomfört årsprogram får du förutom diplom, vårt specialdesignade SoundHealer smycke/amulett! Du får också möjlighet att synas på vår hemsida.

Nedan kan du läsa om de sex huvuddelarna som årsprogrammet innehåller:

Some research results: 

  • Promotes the body's self-healing ability 

  • Lowers stress hormones in the body 

  • Stimulates and strengthens the immune system 

  • Lowers blood pressure and increases blood circulation 

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Stimulates creativity and vitality - your life force 

  • Increases clarity and concentration through improved synchronicity of the brain 

  • Stimulates neuropeptides in the brain, which i.a. improves learning and memory 

  • Lowers the brain waves & creates a deep relaxation in the body

  • Increased contact with the subconscious, "everything", that which is greater than yourself 

  • Vitalizes cells and increases flow in blood vessels, lymph, nerves and meridians 

  • Release emotional trauma stored in body/mind

  • Relieves anxiety, addiction and obsessions and increases oxytocin levels 

  • Reduces depression symptoms 

  • Increases the amount of endorphins and reduces pain 

  • Expands the capacity for love, peace and joy within 

  • Increases awareness and clarity 

  • Deconstructs negative patterns and creates increased emotional balance




De fem modulerna består av en webbdel, tre fysiska delar där vi träffas på Himladal samt en där du arbetar med övningsklienter.

Upplägget och är designad för att du ska kunna gå in på djupet och hitta ditt unika uttryckssätt avseende GRUPPSESSIONER, ENSKILDA KLIENTSESSIONER samt RÖST & DISTANS SESSIONER. Den egna utvecklingen är central och healingtekniker, energihantering och den andliga aspekten går som en röd tråd genom hela året.

Nedan kan du läsa om årsprogrammets upplägg 2024-2025 i sin helhet:

Modul 1

Webbutbildning | Hemmastudier i egen takt | Öppnas 1 sep

Du börjar din resa genom att få en spännande och gedigen online kurs med matnyttig kunskap som stärker dig i ditt framtida utövande inom  SoundHealing och Ljudterapi. Detta kommer ge dig en mycket bra grund att stå på inför våra kommande fysiska träffar.

Zoom Introduktion & Mentorstöd 22 sep

Modul 2

Tema: Gruppsessioner | Himladal | 31 okt-3 nov

Under vår första sammankomst, får du lära dig att skapa skapa djupgående, kraftfulla och läkande gruppsessioner med olika tema, instrument och din röst. Du kommer få stort utrymme att lära dig olika instrument och öva på att hålla olika typer av gruppsessioner.

Zoom Mentorstöd 26 jan |=> Egna testgrupper

Modul 3

Tema: Enskilda sessioner | Himladal | 6-9 mar

Under vår andra sammankomst kommer vi djupdyka i hur du kan arbeta terapeutiskt med enskilda klienter. Du får lära dig skapa ett tryggt, läkande utrymme med många olika verktyg. Du kommer använda olika instrument, men stämgafflar, skålar och röst får extra fokus.

Zoom Mentorstöd 13 apr | => Egna enskilda testsessioner

Modul 4

Tema: Röst & Distans | Himladal | 15-18 maj

Under vår tredje sammankomst kommer vi arbeta på olika sätt för att expandera ditt mest kraftfulla healingverktyg: Rösten. Vi kommer också fördjupa oss ytterligare i det energetiska arbetet, där du bla får lära dig att arbeta på distans med enskilda klienter.

Zoom Mentorstöd 24 aug | => Egna enskilda testsessioner på distans + självterapi  

Modul 5

Testklienter & Självterapi

Denna del kan börja med redan efter vår första sammankomst, men du väljer i vilken takt som är lämplig för dig. Du genomför 5 testgrupper, har 5 enskilda sessioner fysiskt och 5 på distans. Du får och ger även 5 terapisessioner på distans tillsammans med en studiekamrat.


About Himladal

The training is located at Himladal retreat farm, which is 45 minutes from Gothenburg and 25 minutes from Borås. The name "Himladal" means Heavens valley and is located by a vast lake and enchanted forests. It is as beautiful as it sounds and breathes tradition and homecoming. The ancestors of the farm's owner, Ingrid Hermansson, have lived and worked here for five generations.

Ingrid works to create a sustainable life and we will get to enjoy her fantastic seasonal vegetarian food - a joy for both the eye and the palate.

The rooms are multi-bed rooms. In case of special needs, single rooms are available.


What is included in the price?

The annual program to become a Certified Sound Therapist/SoundHealer is 150 hours (90 hours teacher-led time and 60 hours own integration)

Hus i blått


& food

  • Accommodation (6 nights in spring and autumn) in beautiful Himladal in a shared room

  • Delicious daily vegetarian/vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Free access to fruit and snacks as well as coffee and tea between meals 



  • Max 12-15 participants

  • English and Swedish

  • Ingela Palmquist as teacher and 1-3 trained assistants

  • Solid coursematerial in English or Swedish with facts about voice, instruments, research, medicine songs and exercises
  • Diploma for participation in the training
  • Access to an FB Alumni group for course participants


Mentoring support

& tasks

(For Certified)

  • 2 zoom meetings in the months after each training week for follow-up, coaching and questions/answers

  • Mentor support during your of 5 individual trialsessions as well as 5 group trialsessions

  • Attend 5 other group sessions

  • Receive and give 5 distance treatments (or physically if you are close) by your course colleagues 

  • Exercises/homework to strengthen you as a therapist and healer in sound

  • Access to a closed FB group

Star Badge

Exclusive bonus

(For Certified)

  • An exclusive, hand-crafted amulet/jewelry presented in a ceremony at the annual meeting

  • Opportunity for exposure on Pilgrimage Healing Academy's website and social media
  • Opportunity to assist in upcoming training courses

Heart & Hands

Extra service

  • Pickup at the nearest bus station, train station or airport (on request)

  • Access to sauna some evenings and swimming in the lake

  • Discount on Pilgrimage Healing Academy services

  • Possibility to attend an annual meeting with lectures and further education

  • Flexible payment options (card, bank transfer, Klarna)

Hexagon med en Cross

Not included

  • Your trip from home to Himladal

  • Towels and sheets (can be booked for additional EUR 15)

  • Travel and cancellation insurance


Image by Aron Fjell



Early Bird

Until January 31

Certified Sound Therapist/SoundHealer

EUR 3.500 incl. VAT

No certificate

EUR 3.300 incl. VAT

Registration fee EUR 500


Early Bird

Until January 31

Certified Sound Therapist/SoundHealer

EUR 3.500 incl. VAT

No certificate

EUR 3.300 incl. VAT

Registration fee EUR 500


Early Bird

Until January 31

Certified Sound Therapist/SoundHealer

EUR 3.500 incl. VAT

No certificate

EUR 3.300 incl. VAT

Registration fee EUR 500


Early Bird

Until January 31

Certified Sound Therapist/SoundHealer

EUR 3.500 incl. VAT

No certificate

EUR 3.300 incl. VAT

Registration fee EUR 500

Payment & date

You can pay by card or bank transfer.

You pay the registration fee to book your place. The remaining sum is paid before March 1.

When booking after March 1, we ask you to pay the entire fee in one payment.

Get in touch if you want help with payment options!

Course week 1: Sun April 28 from 3pm - Sat May 4 1pm 2024.

Two follow-up meetings at Zoom Sun June 16 and Sun Sept 15, 7-9pm 2024.

Course week 2: Sun Oct 27 from 3pm - Sat Nov 2 1pm 2024.

Two follow-up meetings at Zoom Sun Jan 19 and Sun March 16, 7-9pm 2025.

Meet your facilitator

I am so looking forward to embark on this journey together, for increased connection, peace and homecoming

for you and those souls you will touch with Sacred Sound.

Do you have questions? Get in touch!

Common questions

Practical information

How do I register?

Do I need to attend everything?

Here are the steps to book your spot:

  1. Pay the registration fee (EUR 500) here

  2. After your payment, we will contact you for further communication and to fill in a form.

  3. Make the final payment before March 1.

  4. Let us know before April 1 if you need to arrange transport from the flight or the nearest bus/train station.

  5. About 6 weeks before the start of the course, you will receive a welcome email with additional information. 

For bookings after March 1, we ask you to pay the full price in one payment.

If you want to become certified as a sound therapist, you should participate in all exercises. We have included fairly long breaks as rest and integration are an important part of the learning process. The course material also covers a lot of what we go through, so you can take part in what we go through afterwards.  

Cancellation fees

Get to Himladal

By plane
The nearest airport is Gothenburg-Landvetter and is only 30 minutes by car from Himladal. We can arrange pick-up (free of charge).


By train/bus

It is usually easiest to take the train to Gothenburg and then bus 300 to Hyssna Handel where we will pick you up by car.

Bus companies:

With car
Himladal's address:

Tomta Nedergården 1, 515 93 Seglora

Sometimes plans change - if so the following fees apply to cover costs already incurred in processing your booking:

If cancellation occurs at least 61 days before the start of the course, the course fee will be refunded excluding the registration fee. 60 days before the start of the course, the course fee is charged in full, there is no refund, but you can transfer your place to someone else. Link to our Cancellation policy.

We recommend that you review and, if necessary, book a additional insurance in the event of an accident.

Love from our participants

Image by Dana Ward
Frida Malmquist, soundhealer

Frida Malmquist

Yoga teacher, Fridfullt in Habo

"I don't think I've ever been to a training that feels so right. I can understand the enormous amount of work behind a course weekend like this. But you, Ingela, just seem to be born to guide and heal others."
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