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Module 1

The primal tone
- Find your authentic expression // Earth


Diploma training in Sound Healing,

1-4 steps (tot 100h)  


The training is spread over four weekends over the course of a year.

Each part is 25 hours each incl. homework.

The first part is mandatory, after that you can choose to go through the whole program to become a certified SoundHealer and Healing Sound Ceremony Facilitator or choose individual parts. 

What diploma is awarded?

This module is fundamental and leads you to becomecertified Healing Sound Ceremony Practitioner. It gives you a base to stand on and is a prerequisite for taking the other in-depth modules.


You choose whether you want to complete the program and become a certified Sound Healer and Healing Sound Ceremony Facilitator.


What is the goal of this module?

Find your unique way of using different instruments and voice in the context you work in - for example during a yoga or meditation class, healing session or just for your own sake.


You will receive guidance and ideas about different ways to create themes and build a Sound Healing Ceremony that allows your particular way of expression to emerge.


An important ingredient for this weekend is that you should get to try in different ways and dare to test, find dormant abilities and get in touch with the wisdom that lives within you.


What does the arrangement look like?

Lectures are interspersed with practical exercises. Modern science is interspersed with old traditions. Food, sleep, rest and breaks for integration with the help of nature are interwoven throughout the days.


A special focus is placed on grounding as the arrangement follows the shamanic medicine wheel and the weekend's underlying theme is earth and the snake as an archetype.


After the training weekend, you will receive a homework assignment to integrate what we have done. It takes about 10 hours to complete. You will also get access to a closed FB group where you can both give and receive inspiration. One month after the course weekend, we meet on Zoom to report the homework and celebrate graduation for this part.


Which instruments do we focus on?

You will gain basic knowledge of how to use the shaman drum, sound and crystal bowls, Native American flute, gong and rattle. On site there are also other instruments to try and you will get ideas about how you can create sound according to your conditions and with what you already have at home. You will also be introduced to different ways of using the voice, such as toning, chanting and mantra - both for you and those you guide.


Do I need any prior knowledge?

No prior knowledge is required for this training. All you need is a longing to express yourself more with Sacred sound and a willingness to open yourself to the mystery, healing and power.


What does your own work consist of?

Beforetraining, you have a conversation with the course leader to go over your previous experiences and where you want to develop.

Duringthe training, you give yourself homework on how to apply your new knowledge. This must have been done before graduation.

Afterthe training, you fill in which instruments you already have and those you may need. want to get in the near future. You also create a collection of chants and mantras that you feel comfortable using. You also report how you experienced using your new skills.

Daily exercise - grounding exercise approx. 15-20 min.

Literature to read.

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