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Training in
1-4 steps (100 hours)

Sound Healer Diploma Training

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En inre resa mot ditt högre jag.

Medicinhjulet är det shamanska lagret i vår utbildning och är ett gammalt verktyg för vår inre utveckling. Hjulet består av fyra riktningar med fyra olika arketyper som hjälper oss i vår transformation. Denna symbol återfinns på flera platser i världen, t.ex. urbefolkningen i Nordamerika, Central- och Sydamerika samt Keltiskt & Germanskt. Vårt medicinhjul baseras främst på det andinska hjulet, men bär även influenser från vårt nordiska arv.


The training

Do you want to find your unique expression in using bowls, drums, gong, voice and other ancient instruments for a healing purpose?  For yourself or in your business? Then this could be the course for you!


I am very enthusiastic about offering this unique training where old knowledge of Healing Sound is combined with modern science. You can choose to attend only the first module for a comprehensive basic education, or attend any of the deepening modules. If your desire is to dedicate yourself to this field, you are welcome to sign up to complete the full annual program and hold a diploma as a Healing Sound Ceremony Facilitator and SoundHealer.  

The medicine of the future will be music and sound 

- Edgar Cayce

Healing with sound is an ancient knowledge and sound therapy is the fastest growing field in traditional medicine and is of great interest in the scientific world.  

Many feel the need to go back to the primal and natural, to let the mind rest and instead let a deeper wisdom take its place. For this to happen, we need to retune ourselves to the slower pulse that our earth and life itself vibrates in. We need to learn to slow down and listen so we can hear and strengthen our own unique tone and expression.  

During the training you will learn to travel to the place where the source of all sound. From this deeply meditative place, you have the opportunity to retrieve tools that assist you in shifting frequency, healing emotionally and physically, and opening parts of the heart that you didn't know existed. 

You will reconnect and strengthen the contact with the power and energy we find in Scandinavia, with its magical nature, melancholic songs and changing seasons. If you have your roots here, it is an important part of coming home and strengthening your unique practice. As we are all children of the earth, the heart can also be found in other places. Therefore, other traditions, songs and instruments are also significant parts of the training to find your true expression. 

Who is the training for?

This training is for you who feel a longing to express yourself more with Sacred Sound. Suitable for those who are a Healer, Yogi, Meditator, Musician, Therapist, Teacher, Leader, Caregiver, Philosopher or Singer and want to incorporate Sound Healing into your practice, do this just for your own healing and personal expansion, or create a new career.

Good to know

Health & Sound

The training's

health benefits

Some measurable results: 

  • Promotes the body's self-healing ability 

  • Lowers stress hormones in the body 

  • Stimulates the immune system 

  • Lowers blood pressure and increases blood circulation 

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Increases creativity and vitality - our life force 

  • Increases clarity and concentration through improved synchronicity of the brain 

  • Stimulates neuropeptides in the brain, which improves learning and memory 

  • Lowers the brain waves & creates a deep relaxation in the body 

  • Releases blockages in the body's cells and creates flow in energy channels - meridians, nerves and blood vessels 

  • Release emotional trauma stored in body/mind  

  • Stimulates blood and lymph circulation 

  • Relieves anxiety, addiction and obsessions and increases feelings of calm 

  • Reduces depression symptoms 

  • Reduces pain through relaxation and increased amount of endorphins 

  • Expands the capacity for love, peace and joy within 

  • Increases awareness and clarity 

  • Deconstructs negative patterns and creates increased emotional balance

Knowledge & Competence

What you will 

take part in

  • Knowledge from eastern contemplative teachings to shamanic wisdom  

  • Theory and scientific results in sound healing  

  • How sound healing works and how you can direct it to yourself and others 

  • How the body's energy centers (chakras) work and how you can balance it with sound  

  • How movement and breathing can interact with and amplify healing sound 

  • Introduction and use of sacred instruments – Tibetan and crystal bowls, flute, drum, gong, kalimba and more

  • Explore and use voice medicine—toning, chanting, Kulning, mantra and medicine chants  

  • How to incorporate sound into classes 

  • How to create and hold a space for transformation 

  • How to create a space for ceremony  

  • Theory and practice of nada, bhakti & mantra  

  • How to facilitate circles and ceremonies with different layouts and themes 

  • How to create a life with more freedom facing and transforming your fears 

Goals & Results

Your new 


  • Demonstrate, understand and share the philosophy of sound healing and its potential 

  • Develop a practice working with sound according to your needs and desires 

  • Ability to give sound healing sessions individually and in groups  

  • Feel comfortable practicing sound healing ceremonies with groups 

  • Deepen your ability to listen within and reach a deep meditative state  

  • Understand the purpose and be able to use sacred instruments such as: bowls, drum, gong etc.  

  • Explore the breath and possibilities of your voice 

  • Explore the connection between sound and silence, sound and movement, and sound and breathing  

  • Learn to use different types of mantras and their meaning  

  • Inner ear development and subtle listening 

  • Growing through self-transformation 


Get to Know Us

Medicinhjulet är det shamanska lagret i vår utbildning. Det återfinns på flera platser i världen.
Ex urbefolkningen i Nordamerika, Central- och Sydamerika samt Keltiskt & Germanskt. Detta
baseras främst på det andinska hjulet.


Vårt SoundHealer smycke är ett medicinhjul som länkar samman olika traditioner

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