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Ingela Palmquist, owner Pilgrimage Healing Academy

Let your inner music guide you

What we do

Courses, events, retreats & individual sessions

We humans are musical creatures. Singing and music are something deeply primal and fundamental in us. By reclaiming our natural connection to rhythm, melody and voice, we reclaim ourselves. Often it's like a missing piece falls into place, your past experiences make sense and you begin to live more in line with what you were meant to do.

Pilgrimage Healing Academy arranges events, retreats and both shorter and longer trainings where you can immerse yourself in the healing power of sound. There is something for you here, regardless of whether you want to develop solely for yourself or become a certified Sound Therapist/SoundHealer. 

Retreats & Event

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with Elin Teilus

May 17-19

Himladal | Hyssna

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Tuning forks training

with Tama-Do

July 6-8

Pilgrimage | Borås

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Sound Harmonization

with Tama-Do

July 9-10

Pilgrimage | Borås



M1 Cert. Training Soundtherapist

28 Apr - 4 May

Himladal | Sweden


Introductory course


5-6 Oct

Pilgrimage | Sweden


M2 Cert. Training Soundtherapist

27 okt - 2 nov

Himladal | Sweden


Beautiful words about our

Sound Healer training

We are extremely proud of the fantastic people who come to attend our courses. Together we create a better world. Read about what our graduated Sound Healers have to say about the training and where you can meet them.

Frida Malmquist, soundhealer

Frida Malmquist

Dipl. SoundHealer Jan-22 

Yoga Teacher | Masseur | Singer

"The annual program was an extremely instructive and inspiring education that above all gave me a deeper understanding of the intuitive creation of music and the history and healing powers of the original instruments. On a personal level, the education has helped me a lot on my own life journey in understanding myself better. And I have found my true self, my abilities and gifts. Creating intuitively and from the heart with voice and my beautiful instruments makes me whole, safe and strong. Music is my medicine. Today, music is woven into everything as a healing factor."

Habo (Jönköping) | Nationally
Gives concerts and sessions in groups and individually.

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