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Ingela Palmquist

Ingela Palmquist, Pilgrimage Healing Academy, soundhealer, soundtherapist

We all have a song within us. And when we sing it, we walk, dance our pilgrimage, our Golden Path.

When you make a deeper connection with your five intelligences; heart, brain, stomach, sexuality and spirit, then you begin to follow instead of living in struggle. Our time needs you and longs for you. Your natural wholeness. 


Ingela's life changed when she suddenly could hear the nature and thereby understood that everything has a soul. The calling became so strong that she left her life as a successful business leader in communication and management. And that was the starting point for a dance with different cultures, countries and modalities that she could never have dreamed of.

Today, Ingela runs Sweden's largest training in Sound Healing where all the knowledge and experience she has gathered over the years comes together - both in science and mysticism. You can also meet her in private sessions, guided talks and various workshops.


Ingela's life is today about being and showing others what she found - how to heal what needs to be healed and connect each ersons unicue gifts and experiences, so you can walk your path with greater peace and joy. In greater harmony with yourself and our earth, for the sake of all living things.


The practical:

Ingela has learned ceremonial healing work from different elders and shamans from different parts of the world, such as Core Shamanism (Austria and Germany), Quero (Peru), Cherokee traditions (USA), Swedish and Russian shamanism. She has also studied with Slovenia's leading healer and has therapeutic training in Eastern healing methods such as yoga and tantra.

Ingela is a multi-instrumentalist and singer. She uses e.g. shaman drum, rattle, crystal and metal bowls, native american flute, mouthharp, tuning forks, lyre, overtone singing, kulning, toning, yoik and medicine chants.  

The greatest learning within Sacred Sound took place through her own intuitive contact and opening.


Examples of formal teachers in Sound Healing:

Ann Martin (Singing bowls, USA), Nestor Kornblum & Michele Averard (Sound Therapy, Spain), Chase Trellert (Sound Healing, Australia), Karin Anand Gibson (Gong, Sweden).

Other rewards:

- Silver in the world championship in Barbershop, New Orleans

- Trained choir leader and singing teacher.

- Ingela has been a celebrated business leader with complex industry as a main customer. She has received awards as "Entrepreneur of the year", "The city representative" and "Representative of female entrepreneurship in Sweden". She has been active in many boards, founder of several networks, co-owned a tourist ship company and is co-author of the anthology "Embrace Feminine Leadership".

Antalogin Famna feminint ledarskap, Ingela Palmquist
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