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Fabien Mamans teachings

coming to Sweden

with master teacher Terres Unsoeld

Pilgrimage Healing Academy | Rydboholm

Apr 9 (Free Zoom Intro) | July 6-8 | July 9-10 2024

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Tama-Do teachings

For the first time, Terres Unsoeld is coming to Sweden to share knowledge that has influenced and revolutionized the SoundHealing world since the 1980s! This is a unique opportunity that you who are interested in the healing power of sound simply cannot miss.

We are very pleased to welcome you to the opportunity to meet and learn from one of the greatest in his field.

Tama-Do, which means "the Way of the Soul to the Light", is an international school for light practitioners, created in 1988 by the spiritual master teacher and visionary Fabien Maman, who is recognized worldwide as the founder of sound therapy. In 1981, Fabien Maman conducted a revolutionary cellular experiment that demonstrated the effects of acoustic sound on human cells. His discoveries changed the landscape of sound healing as we know it today. He is also the one who first created the famous technique of using tuning forks to heal body, mind and spirit. Sound baths and all schools that teach sound healing/sound therapy in the world today have been influenced by Fabien Maman and his academy. The Tama-Do sound healing center is located in Malibu, California, but Terres travels the world to share the knowledge of sound.

Terres Unsoeld is Fabien Maman's spiritual partner, spiritual healer and master teacher at Tama-Do Academy. Together with Fabien, Terres has written the books The Tao of Sound, The Musique of the Sky, and has also written Shamanism of the Light, Initiatique Trees of the Light, Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color, Let there be Silence, and What is it to be a Spiritual Couple.

Terres will share the knowledge of sound through a free zoom introduction as well as two exciting courses. Check out all the details below!

photo copyright Tama-Do Academy.

Tuning Forks and Color Light on The Musical Spine®

Course in tuning forks, color and light with Master Teacher TERRES UNSOELD

6-8 July 2024, 10:00-17:00 (1 hour lunch)

During three days, you will learn Fabien Maman's classic technique with tuning forks and color light.

You will work with steel tuning forks, music linked to the seasons and color and light along the spinal meridian to harmonize the nervous system, chakras and the subtle energy field (aura).

On a physical level, The Musical Spine® helps relieve back pain and physical trauma. On a finer level, the technique helps you link to your ancestors' memories and direction in life.

We will explore the memories that sit in our spine through the 8 stages of the Noble Hero, created by Terres. The method of working connects to the 8 chakras and is described in her book, Shamanism of the Light, on which the Tama-Do Academy is now based. We will also learn how to use Fabien Maman's tuning forks, color and light to eliminate physical trauma via the muscle zones of the acupuncture meridians through Terre's technique called Sound Shiatsu®.

Necessary Tama-Do tools needed to do the work: 

Tuning forks, Color and light wheels, light globes. The books The Tao of Sound and Shamanism of the Light (prices below).

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Tama-Do Sound Harmonization®

Workshop in harmonizing the chakras and aura with acoustic instruments and natural sounds around the body with Master Teacher TERRES UNSOELD

9-10 July 2024, 10:00-17:00 (1 hour lunch)

"The healing power of Sacred acoustic sound is in the Silence. Silence is listening. Silence is Love. Love is Divine.
When we heal with Sacred acoustic sound, we make space in our subtle energy fields (aura) for the Silence.
And out of the Silence, our Divine Light can appear." Terres Unsoeld

Fabien Maman's revolutionary research with sound and cells in 1981 changed the way we view healing through sound today. Tuning forks, gong baths, sound baths, educations and therapies in sound worldwide have all been inspired by Fabien's transformative work. However, in the wake of the surge in interest and popularity in this field, many have lost sight of the fundamental understanding and knowledge of sound: the importance of the subtle.

In this workshop, Terres takes us back to where sound healing began: in the sacred space of silence. We will learn the following:


  • What is sacred sound healing?

  • What is Tama-Do Style Acoustic Sound Healing?

  • What is the subtle anatomy of our aura?


We will also learn Fabien Maman's unique connection between the 5 elements and the Chakra system and we will learn and practice two versions of Tama-Do Academy's Sound Harmonizations®: Tama-Do Sound Harmonization Classique® (Fabien Maman's original sound bath for large groups) , and The Tama-Do Sound Harmonization Healing One on One®, as described in Terres Unsoeld and Fabien Maman's new book, Let there be Silence: Sacred Sound Healing for these times of Chaos.

Necessary Tama-Do tools needed to do the work: 

The books Let there be Silence (prices below).


Meet your teacher

We are so looking forward to sharing this magical weekend with you.

Do you have questions? Get in touch!

About the place

The training is located in historic Rydboholm, just outside Borås and a 50-minute journey from Gothenburg.


The house is a mini course farm with combined private accommodation on the ground floor, temple/yoga hall in the basement and separate floor on the upper level.

The location is on the edge of the picturesque town where buildings recall the former cradle of the textile industry. The plot is surrounded by lush greenery with mossy forest. The river Viskan flows near the house and the nature reserve Storsjön, which is a few minutes away by car, invites you to take a swim and hike.

We can help with affordable accommodation near the course venue for those who need it. Contact us for more information.


You have the option to register for both courses or just one of them.

Through our collaboration with Klarna, you can secure your place today and pay in 30 days at no extra cost. With Klarna, you also have the option of splitting your payment.

It is also possible to pay by card or request an invoice. All prices include VAT.

For cancellation policy, see "Practical information" further down the page.

You register by paying a registration fee of SEK 1,500. Remaining amount, paid no later than May 1.

"The Musical Spine" + "Tama-Do Sound Harmonization" (5 days)

Early Bird SEK 8,444 (registration before June 5 - non-refundable)

Thereafter SEK 9,555.

SEK 170 discount if you bring a massage bed!

For accommodation and food, course literature and tools needed, see below.

"The Musical Spine" (3 days)

Early Bird SEK 4,500 (registration before 7 June - non-refundable)

Thereafter SEK 5,100.

This course is an accredited course for Tama-Do Academy's Professional Training Program. (no experience needed to participate).

Necessary Tama-Do tools for continued work:

A kit with tuning forks, color & light wheels and light globes costs SEK 9,500. Can also be borrowed. The book The Tao of Sound by Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld costs SEK 670.

The book Shamanism of the Light by Terres Unsoeld costs SEK 450.

NO SHIPPING AND TAX when you order in advance!

"Tama-Do Sound Harmonization" (2 days)

Early Bird SEK 3,950 (registration before June 7 - non-refundable)

Thereafter SEK 4,500.

This course is an accredited course for Tama-Do Academy's Professional Training Program. (no experience needed to participate).

Necessary material:

The book Let there be Silence by Terres Unsoeld and Fabien Maman. Purchased as e-book or e-book + print-on-demand book via Tama-Do's website HERE $30 resp. $60.

NO SHIPPING AND TAX when you order in advance!

Accommodation and food


We can help with simple and affordable accommodation for those who need it. There is also the option of ordering food or arranging it yourself.

Contact us if you are interested in this option!

Common questions

Practical information

How do I sign up?

Here are the steps to book your seat:​

  1. Click on the button for the desired course and pay the registration fee of SEK 1,500.

  2. After your payment, we will contact you for further communication about further payment methods, accommodation etc. You will also have to fill out a document from Tama-Do regarding your participation.

  3. The last payment is made no later than May 1 via invoice, card or Klarna.

  4. About 1 month before the start of the course, you will receive a welcome email with further information.

For bookings less than two months in advance, we ask you to pay the full price in one payment.

Get to Rydboholm

With car

Gravyrvägen 4, 515 70 Rydboholm

By train/bus

Take a train or bus to Borås and then bus 155 to Rydboholmsbron. From there it is a 5 minute walk to us.

Bus company:

By plane
The nearest airport is Gothenburg-Landvetter and is 35 minutes by car from Rydboholm.

If I need accomodation?

We can help with simple and affordable accommodation for those who need it. There is also the option of ordering food or arranging it yourself.

When registering, we will contact you with the possibility to book this!

Cancellation fees

No refund after booked course.

We recommend you to that you take out additional insurance if necessary in case of an accident. If you pay by debit or credit card, it can give you cancellation protection for both travel and activity costs. Your home insurance may contain cancellation protection that covers your costs (eg Folksam's "Resklar). A separate cancellation protection often provides more comprehensive protection (eg European ERV or Gouda SE) NOTE! Needs to be signed within 48 hours of the order being placed.

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