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2024 02 23-25 | M4 Sound Healer diploma training

2024 02 23-25 | M4 Sound Healer diploma training

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M4 The Song of the Heart - The Voice as Transformation

"YOU are the change"

Air | Kondor/Eagle | Vision/Energy | East



To pass this module, you need to have passed M1 first!

This module is included in the Sound Healer diploma training.  

The training is laid out as an annual program and is spread over four weekends. Each part is 25 hours each incl. homework. The first part (M1) is mandatory, after that you can choose to go the whole program to get a diploma SoundHealer and Healing Sound_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad59cf358c79c70-14dec70-Ceremony -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Facilitator or select individual parts.


Read about the entire training in its entirety here.

Place: Himladal Retreatgård, Tomta Nedergården 1, 1515 93 Seglora

In progress: Friday at 10 tom Sunday at 15.30 and approx. 1 hour Zoom meeting approx. 1 month after course weekend    



- Course binder with facts about instruments, science, exercises, medicine songs, etc

- Accommodation on a retreat farm in multi-bed rooms

- Max 12 participants, 2 teachers

- Full board with vegetarian meals and coffee. Access to coffee/tea, fruit/biscuits

- Access to an alumni group on Facebook  

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What diploma is awarded?

This in-depth module leads to you being certified Healing Sound Ceremony Apprentice. To pass this part, you need to have passed Module 1.  

If you have followed the annual program, you will be in this partdiploma Sound Healer and Healing Sound Ceremony Facilitator.


What is the goal of this module?

Get an in-depth knowledge of how much healing there is in our voices. When we sound and express what vibrates in our hearts, something happens deep down, both in ourselves and in others. It's not about being able to sing or that it should sound beautiful. It's about finding and daring to sing your own song. You will experience and explore ancient expressions such as kulning, toning, chanting and mantra. You will also get ideas about how you can weave this into, for example, yoga classes or healing practice, as well as how you can build a Healing Sound Ceremony based on your way of expressing yourself with the theme of voice.


What does the arrangement look like?

Lectures are interspersed with practical exercises. Modern science is interspersed with old traditions. Food, sleep, rest and breaks for integration with the help of nature are interwoven during the days.​A special focus is placed on heart centering and lungs as we follow the shamanic medicine wheel and the underlying theme of the weekend is air and the eagle/condor which archetype.​

After the training weekend, you will receive a homework assignment to integrate what we have done. It takes about 10 hours to complete. In Module 1, you gained access to a closed FB group where you can both give and receive inspiration. One month after the course weekend, we meet on Zoom to report the homework and celebrate graduation for this part.


Which instruments do we focus on?

We will continue to work with the instruments we worked with during Module 1. The voice is in particular focus. You will also get an introduction to mungiga and didjeridoo.


Do I need any prior knowledge?

You need to have completed Module 1 to attend this training. Otherwise, no previous knowledge is required, only a desire to express yourself more with Sacred sound and a willingness to open yourself to the mystery, healing and power.


What does your own work consist of?

Beforethe training you integrate your work during your previous modules.​

Duringthe training, you give yourself homework on how to apply your new knowledge. This must have been done before graduation. ​

Afteryou fill the training with songs and mantras that you feel comfortable using. You also report how you experienced using your new skills.​

Daily practice – voice practice approx. 15-20 min and literature to read.